The Best Tips For Giving An Erotic Massage In 2023

Sep 14 2023

Discover the art of seduction through touch! Our guide to giving an erotic massage is essential for adding some excitement into your relationship. Create a relaxed atmosphere with soft lighting, scented candles, and soothing music. Encourage open communication and consent between you and your partner.

Master the skill of touch with long, flowing strokes. Start with gentle caresses, gradually increasing pressure. Discover erogenous zones


Massage Techniques To Arouse Your Partner

Sep 25 2023

Pleasing your partner? Massage is the answer! Relaxing tensions and being sensual, it can be an amazing experience. It takes open minds and willingness to explore. Communication and trust are key - make sure both parties are comfortable and enjoy.

Touch is incredibly arousing, stimulating nerve endings and releasing feel-good hormones. Use your hands or massage tools like oils and lotions, to create a sensory experience